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The Importance of Remediating Mould in a Home

Posted by Ron Neal on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 at 1:35pm.

Why Is It Necessary to Remediate Mould in a Home?Buying a home can be an exciting but complicated time in a homeowners life. Some homeowners may have unknowingly purchased a home with mould while others may see mould appear later on, even in new construction. How concerned should occupants be about mould growth, especially when not all types of moulds are considered to be toxic?

Mould can be a serious issue when it comes to health and home value. When detected, addressing mould at the earliest possible stage often makes for easier remediation. Learn more about why homeowners need to address mould growth in a home.

Mould and Occupant Health

There are different types of moulds that may develop and even when not easily seen, individuals may observe signs of a potential issue. Mould can grow in some unexpected places, but most places having mould growth will be damp. To locate mould, one indication is a musty odour. Damp places, including the basement or bathroom, are prime environments for mould growth. Homeowners may also find mould in hard to access areas, such as in a crawlspace.

Residents in a home with mould may experience poorer air quality. Breathing in spores of mould may lead to the worsening of some pre-existing health conditions. Residing in a home with mouldy or damp conditions can increase the risk for:

  • Breathing difficulties;
  • Phlegm accumulation;
  • Irritation of the mucous membranes; and
  • Allergic reactions.

Some occupants are more vulnerable than others to the effects of mould on their health, including young children and the elderly. Parents may want to know that residing in a home with mould can increase the chances of asthma developing in children. At this point, there is no determined “safe” level for mould.

Mould and Value of a Home

Home value can fluctuate due to the state of the local market, excess in inventory or the condition of the home. Mould can impact the last of these factors. Mould often causes deterioration when it goes unaddressed and may be a sign of other issues in a structure, such as leaking pipes or excess humidity. Not only can mould undermine the integrity of structures, warping and softening wood beams, it can also encourage a pest issue.

Mould remediation that is professionally performed should not only address the obvious issue of mould growth but uncover the possible reasons for this issue. Homeowners that want to prevent a reoccurrence may have to purchase dehumidifiers, fix leaking pipes, or repair a damaged roof or cracks in the foundation. Much depends on the reasons why mould has developed in the first place.

Homeowners that know of a mould issue and go to sell their home generally need to disclose the problem to sellers. An existing mould problem can deter potential buyers from making an offer or give them a reason to make a lower one. In addition, a homeowner may need to address a mould problem as part of the contingencies required in the contracted sale of a home. An assessment of a mould problem may require air or surface sampling. A mould remediation specialist may have to be called in to handle complex mould cases.

Mould and Remediation

Canadian Westshore homeowners and buyers may not be aware of the steps required to remediate the issue. In fact, many may choose to take care of the issue themselves only to have mould grow again. Without taking necessary precautions, homeowners can exacerbate health issues when treating mould growth themselves. Speak with a mould remediation specialist, trained to address a range of mould cases that allows for safe removal of mould from a structure by following an outline like that in the EACO Mould Abatement Guidelines.


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