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A FREE Consultation to assist you in determining
what needs to be done prior to putting your home on the market.

Maximize the return on your investment. 

A well-staged home will maximize the views and interior sight lines, highlight space and amenities, have an appropriate colour scheme and accessories, be sparkling clean, and in prime condition both inside and out.

  1. The home will sell faster;
  2. It will sell for more money;
  3. Online photos will be more impressive;
  4. The return on investment is invariably positive.

Primary Elements of Home Staging

Selling a home involves preparation, especially in the days leading up to the first showing. Everything needs to be in place when the buyer comes to view the property. Staging is a marketing tool that will help a seller convey the proper message. A professionally staged home shows better, no matter what its age or price. Staged homes also tend to sell faster in all markets, compared to comparable properties that have not been professionally staged, according to statistics compiled by the Real Estate Staging Association.

A National Association of Realtors survey found that professional staging charges typical run between one and three percent of the listing price, but that the staging ROI is often in the range of 10 percent. It is perhaps the number one tool—after overall property condition—that builders, sellers and real estate agents rely upon to market a property.

Remove Clutter, Get Organized

Is there anyone who hasn't heard the message about decluttering and depersonalizing? 

Getting rid of unnecessary distractions may be one of the primary goals of stagingStaging is closely linked to the idea of making a home more livable, but the core principle of staging a property is simply to suggest possibilities for room use, emphasize space and architectural features, and lead prospective buyers through the property in a logical way, allowing them to visualize the promise of a good life.

Clutter can make a home look small and sloppy, even if it's been recently cleaned. Removing and organizing clutter is an important first step for staging. This can be a time consuming step, so some home sellers start months in advance. Clutter removal can happen in many ways.

  • Garage sale. This is an effective way to rid the house of old usable items.
  • Donations. Home sellers who don't have time to plan a garage sale can always donate their unwanted clothes and other items to charity.
  • Recycling. Old tires and paper products are perfect for recycling.

Another good way to get old clutter off of tables and counters is to organize it with a modular organizational system. Home sellers who have a lot of clutter they want to keep can either work with a professional organizer or purchase off the shelf modular organization system for their home.

Add Decorative Flair

Once the clutter has been removed, it's time to decorate. Painting the walls in fresh neutral colours and adding a few fluffy throw pillows to the sofa or bed is an effective way to make the home look more comfortable and inviting. Home sellers who aren't sure what to do to improve the appearance of their home's interior can purchase a few lamps to brighten the space. Flowers are another decorative touch that can help make the home beautiful. It's important to use flowers sparingly, in case some buyers suffer from allergies.

Make Repairs

Broken appliances, light fixtures and doors can leave buyers with a bad impression. Home sellers who make small repairs before showing their home to buyers can create the impression that the home has been well maintained. Home sellers who aren't sure what should be fixed can walk through the house with a real estate agent. A good real estate professional can give the buyer a good idea about what should be fixed before the home goes on the market.

Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal helps sell homes. Home buyers are impressed by a healthy green lawn and a clean home exterior. Home sellers who want to attract as many buyers as possible can do so by working with their lawn in the months before putting their home up for sale. Fertilizing and watering the grass, planting colourful flowers, clearing away brush and debris, and power washing the front of the home are all relatively easy ways to improve the appearance of the property.

Clean, Then Clean Again

Deep cleaning the home about two weeks before the first showing can help ensure that the home will look sparkly and new when the buyers begin to come. The night before the showing, cleaning again (less rigorously) will take care of any messes that may have developed since the home was deep cleaned.

Work With Your Real Estate Professional

A good real estate professional can help a home seller determine what needs to be done to their home before the first showing. There are many ways to stage a home and prepare it for a showing. If you're a home seller who is preparing for your first showing, contact your real estate professional to discuss ways that you can improve the appearance of your home. Prospective buyers view staged homes during home showings as well-maintained; the homes also present better in photographs and website listings than comparable unstaged properties.

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