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Victoria's Home Selling Emergency Response Team

Sell Faster and For More

Whether you are relocating for work, upsizing, downsizing, or you just want a change of space, the process of selling your home can be overwhelming. How do you find a qualified real estate agent? What has to be done to get your home ready to sell? How do you know if you are getting the “right” price for your home? How will your listing get noticed? These are all common questions that sellers have been asking for years and years.

You will also need to consider the staging of your home, the costs and benefits of doing improvements on your home before listing, and understand how the negotiation process works with potential buyers. The Neal Estate Team has been selling real estate in Victoria area since 1991. We know what buyer's want and we know what seller’s need. The process may seem complicated, but we love it, and we have the answers to all of these questions and more. All that is required of you as the seller is to call The Neal Estate Team and let us guide you through the sale of your home!

Wondering what homes are selling for in your neighborhood? Put a team of local professionals to work for you! Learn more about The Neal Estate Team, meet our selling team, and learn more about our effective marketing strategy.

How To Sell Your Home in Victoria

1. Find a qualified real estate agent

The Neal Estate Team has been working hard for sellers in the Victoria area for more than 26 years. With over 4,000 properties sold, our team works hard to ensure the best results for our clients. You need a real estate agent that will take the time to understand your property individually. We know Victoria, and we understand what buyers are looking for when they enter a home. We will help you determine the value of your home and offer suggestions for improvements if we feel these improvements will increase the overall price.

As for understanding market conditions, we have taken over listings and sold homes when other real estate agents could not. We learn from prior market information, and we are constantly watching future trends. We are so confident in what we do that we offer our sellers a Guaranteed Sale Option. The fluctuations in the market do not scare The Neal Estate Team!

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2. Preparing the property for sale

You don’t have to be a mind reader to understand what buyers are looking for. You just need to be selling homes long enough to see buyer’s reactions. We walk into a house and see potential and understand small changes like paint colour are just cheap cosmetic quick fixes. But, some buyers don’t see that and require a bit of help to see the potential in a home. It can be as simple as cleaning up, de-cluttering, and moving furniture around. The Neal Estate Team understands how showcasing the key features of a property can attract the right buyers. We know just from walking into a home the type of buyer that will be interested. We also know what the seller needs to do to attract this buyer.

Taking the home preparation one step further, The Neal Estate Team offers complementary staging consultation. We will send in an expert from our team that takes you room by room to give you tips and tricks on targeting the right buyer. Not convinced staging is an important step in the selling process? Here are some facts to keep in mind when preparing your home for sale:

  • 93% of staged homes sell on the average in one month or less. Comparable homes not staged sat on the market for 146 days or longer.
  • 79% of buyers said they would pay a premium for a home with an updated kitchen.
  • 63% of potential buyers are will to pay more money for a house that is move-in ready.
  • 52% of buyers said the kitchen had the most significant impact on their purchase decision.
  • 10% of buyers can recognize a home’s potential. If it’s not properly staged, 90% of prospective buyers will dismiss it and move on.

If you require more extensive work on your home then The Neal Estate Team can connect you to trades people who can assist you. No matter the size of the job we can find a person to help you out. In a hot real estate market trades are very hard to come by, but we have long-term trusted relationships with some of the best trades in Victoria. Keep in mind, you only want to add improvements to your home if the results will be profitable for you!

3. What is a fair listing price?

A fair listing price is not the highest price you are being told to list your property for. A fair price is a price that will sell the home quickly at the best return for the seller in the market you are currently selling in. Some real estate agents will price higher to appease the seller and get the listing. The Neal Estate Team knows this rarely works, if ever. A house that is priced too high can sit on the market for much longer than it needs to. It will be overlooked by buyers due to the high number of days it has been sitting on the market for. The house is worth what the market is willing to pay for it. We will find you all the comparables and explain why we feel the property should be listed at a certain price. By the time we are finished explaining the market conditions, and current comparable property sales, you will feel educated and confident in selling your home.

4. How do I get my listing noticed?

Getting your listing noticed is our job! We know what works in Victoria to market your home. Make sure your real estate agent has a comprehensive plan and a targeted strategy to market your home. The Neal Estate Team will provide you with professional photography and videography. This includes a 3D virtual reality tour and an innovative online and social media strategy including YouTube. The majority of buyers these days are searching the web for their new home. We are here to make sure that is it YOUR home they choose!

5. What is involved in negotiating with a buyer for a fair price?

The goal is to bring you the highest price for your home, in the shortest time, and with minimal stress! If your house is priced correctly in the market, then the negotiations should be fairly painless. You will sometimes get buyers that give low-ball offers hoping a seller is desperate, but this is not as common as you would think. The buyer is generally aware of the value of your home, and will have access to the same marketing information we do. The negotiations themselves are taken care of by our highly skilled real estate team. We give you feedback from the buyer’s agent and discuss possible options for counter offers. We will also spend time talking to the buyer’s agent on your behalf to reduce the amount of back and forth negotiations. This will reduce your stress and increase your overall satisfaction with the selling process!

6. What happens once the sale is final?

Once the negotiations are over and a final price has been agreed upon, the buyer is more than likely to want a home inspection. This is very common and is at no cost to the seller. If all goes well with the inspection then the contract is final and your sale is complete! All that is left for you to do is move your possessions out before the closing date. The Neal Estate Team can also provide you with suggestions for moving and storing your belongings!

Ready to Sell Your Home? We invite you to Contact Us Today for more information, or to set up a no obligation “Seller Consultation” in your home. We look forward to working with you soon!

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