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March 2019

Found 6 blog entries for March 2019.

How to Keep Your Home SafeA home may seem like static structures in a person's life, but the trained eye knows that it changes constantly. From major events to everyday wear and tear, what was safe yesterday may not be safe today. Understanding the safety hazards of a home may mean having to consider some fairly unpleasant scenarios, but it's better to imagine the worst than for it to actually occur. To prevent property damage or bodily injury, here are five hazards that everyone should watch for.

Slippery Floors

Falling on a slippery floor is more common than many people realize. In fact, millions of people fall in their homes every year. One in five falls will result in a serious injury, such as a bone break. And while it's more likely to happen to the elderly,

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Why Is It Necessary to Remediate Mould in a Home?Buying a home can be an exciting but complicated time in a homeowners life. Some homeowners may have unknowingly purchased a home with mould while others may see mould appear later on, even in new construction. How concerned should occupants be about mould growth, especially when not all types of moulds are considered to be toxic?

Mould can be a serious issue when it comes to health and home value. When detected, addressing mould at the earliest possible stage often makes for easier remediation. Learn more about why homeowners need to address mould growth in a home.

Mould and Occupant Health

There are different types of moulds that may develop and even when not easily seen, individuals may observe signs of a potential issue. Mould can grow

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Lighting Suggestions for New Construction HomesThe light in your home can have a big impact on your level of comfort and on the functionality of your living space. Having many lighting options and ample natural light can ensure that your house looks spacious, clean and inviting. Great lighting, along with proper staging, helps sell a home. Light is handled differently in each room of the house. This room-by-room lighting guide will help you design a new construction house that is well-lit and attractive.

Living Room

The living room is a place in the home that relies heavily on natural light. Often, living rooms have large picture windows that allow light to enter during daylight hours. When designing a living room with a large picture window, take into consideration the amount of heat

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This is getting repetitive, but again sales are down and listings are up. That's more than 12 consecutive months now of fewer sales and more listings than the previous year.    In February there were a total of 421 properties sold in the Victoria Real Estate Board (Sidney to Sooke to Oak bay to South of Duncan AND the Gulf Islands), that's 23% fewer than the 545 sold in February 2018 but an encouraging and seasonal increase of 28% more than in the month before, January 2019. Condo sales were down 26% from the previous year with 129 sold, also up 16% from the previous month. Single family home sales were down 16% from the previous year with 219 sold.   The supply of active listings available for sale remains historically low but has been…
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  • This new annual tax is designed to:

    • Target foreign and domestic speculators who own residences in B.C. but don’t pay taxes here
    • Turn empty homes into good housing for people
    • Raise revenue that will directly support affordable housing

    All owners of residential property in the designated taxable regions of B.C. must complete an annual declaration. Over 99% of British Columbians are estimated to be exempt from the tax.

    How to Exempt Yourself

    To claim your exemption, you must register your property by March 31, 2019 – and it’s easy to do, either by phone or online. The information you’ll need to register your property declaration will be mailed by mid-February to all owners of residential property within the taxable

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Selling a Home When Pets are AroundPets can be wonderful to have, but they make selling a home difficult. Pet odors, pet damage and even pets themselves can deter buyers. If you're a homeowner with pets, these tips can help you sell your property quickly, and for the right price.

Get Rid of Pet Odors

Pet odors can be a deterrent for a lot of home buyers. Buyers often find pet odors unpleasant, while those who have allergies may need the odors to be eliminated before they can move in. Homeowners who get rid of pet odors before buyers come for viewings can help their home sell more quickly. Deodorizing carpet is one way to get rid of pet odors. This is done by sprinkling baking soda on the floor and leaving it there overnight. It can be vacuumed the next day.

Opening windows

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