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5 Things to Look For When Buying Your First House

Posted by Ron Neal on Monday, February 6th, 2023 at 2:50pm.

What to Look For When Buying a HouseAre you ready to make a move to your next home? There are many things to consider when planning for the future, and ensuring you're house-hunting with the right things in mind is essential. Whether you're planning to move to your first home or your fiftieth, considering these factors during your search and purchase will set you up for a solid future.

The Right Location

It's been said in real estate millions of times and needs to be repeated: location, location, location.

Most home searches focus on an ideal location, and there's a good reason for that. Location determines many aspects of your future lifestyle. You sleep and relax in your home, but you live outside around your home, too.

Before you settle in a specific area, get to know the areas you are considering. Understanding local public transportation options and commuting expectations is significant if your job will require daily travel. Commute times get lengthy in some areas, and you want to account for that during your house search.

The Right Size

How much space does your ideal home have? How much space do you truly need?

Thinking deeply about space considerations before you begin house hunting is always wise. With this information, you can focus your hunt on homes that meet these requirements.

Remember to think about space minimums as well as maximums. There is such a thing as a home that's too big! Some people would be overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning four bathrooms and multiple guest bedrooms, so don't fall into the trap of believing you should get as much space as possible.

A great way to determine your space needs is to first look at the space you are in. Do you have enough space? Would more space make your life more functional? What areas need more space to provide more comfort?

Working through these questions as you consider ideal dimensions for your home will set you up for a more successful house search.

The Right Safety Features

It's easy to forget about security when searching for a new home. Most people think of security as something installed as you move in, but there are some safety features to look out for before and during house-hunting.

If living in a multi-family building, do you feel comfortable with anyone being able to enter common areas of the building, or do you prefer they have other security technologies in place, such as apartment building intercom systems? Additionally, many homes may come equipped with the best home security systems. Finding a home with these installed amenities will save you time and money later.

The Right Price

Every home buyer is advised to calculate expected monthly expenses and ensure they include extra room for unexpected costs. In addition to these expenses, it's important to remember that closing costs are home-buying expenses that must be considered as part of your budgeting for a new home. Don't discount this cost; it can reduce your savings for future monthly expenses.

Think about the tax and repair implications of homes of different ages, costs, and states of repair. More expensive homes that have been well-maintained may be less costly than less expensive homes that need repairs. Monthly expenses and fees add up over time, so you must do a comprehensive future outlook to make tough decisions.

Before you start looking into those decisions, calculate your maximum monthly expenses. You can use this number to narrow home options as you begin your search.

The Right Amenities

Do you enjoy going out for dinner, movies, and nightlife? Will your children be attending local schools? Are there certain types of grocery stores or retail shops that you want to be able to access easily?

Consider how important it is to be near these community amenities. Whether you want to be able to walk into town or you are willing to commute for 15 minutes will make a difference in where your ideal home is situated. Everyone has different parameters for these lifestyle choices, so knowing your comfort level is essential.

Community life is a huge aspect of what makes a house feel like home. Don't forget to think about what is important to you within the community and seek out a home that brings you into the right community bubble.

Find the Perfect Home For You!

Finding the perfect starter home can be daunting, but with the proper knowledge and preparation, you can find a safe and enjoyable home for years. Location, size, safety features, price, and amenities are essential to consider when hunting. Allowing yourself plenty of time to research different homes and areas is essential in finding the ideal option. Taking notes during your search can help with comparing your options more easily. Knowing what components to look out for in your first home will make finding a place that suits your needs more leisurely. Happy house hunting!


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