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Stocking Your Toolbox? Make Sure You Have These 4 Tools

Posted by Ron Neal on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at 10:29am.

4 Things Every Toolbox Must HaveFirst-time home buyers often learn a lot of lessons about homeownership as they encounter challenges and problems, but there are some things that homeowners need to be prepared for from the very beginning. Having a toolbox on hand can help ensure that should something break or need a quick fix before it can be replaced or an expert can come and repair it properly. Here are some of the most useful things homeowners can keep in a toolbox.

A Tape Measure

Need to know how big the space where the refrigerator goes to keep from accidentally buying a replacement that’s too big? A tape measure is the easiest way to that that information. While homeowners may not be able to imagine a large number of scenarios where a tape measure is essential, having one ready to go in the toolbox can save a lot of time later on when the homeowner needs to find out how wide their doors are or is trying to decide how big they want the new patio to be.

A Roll of Duct Tape

Everyone has heard jokes that every problem is fixable if enough duct tape is used. While this may not be completely true, duct tape is still extremely useful to keep around the home. Duct tape can do everything holding a broken toy together to acting as a makeshift lint roller to get pet hair off of furniture and clothes. Duct tape is the ultimate temporary fix for those days when homeowners find a leaky pipe under a sink and a plumber can’t make it out to do the repair for a few days. Just remember when using duct tape that it isn’t a permanent fix and things that break—especially electronics—need to be professionally repaired.

A Flashlight

Now that smartphones can double as flashlights, many homeowners think they can get away with not including one in their toolboxes. While homeowners can use their phones for some things, having a real flashlight on hand is always recommended. Firstly, flashlights are a lot cheaper than phones, so it isn’t a big deal if something falls on the flashlight or if the flashlight tumbles off of something high. Secondly, during a natural disaster or power outage, it’s always good to have a source of light that has its own power supply. Phones need to be recharged, which may not be an option, but flashlights only need batteries that can be purchased just about anywhere.

A Set of Screwdrivers

From getting to batteries on toys to building handmade furniture, screws can be found everywhere in Malahat North new homes. However, unlike with hammers, one size screwdriver doesn’t fit all screws. Not only are there different size screws, but there’s also different shapes. A Philips head screwdriver and a flathead can’t be interchanged unless the screw was specifically built with that intention, and not many are. In order to be ready for any type of screw that may be encountered in a home, homeowners should purchase a set of screwdrivers. Sets come with an assortment of screwdrivers, sometimes just one head or a combination of different heads, in the most common sizes so homeowners don’t have to go to the hardware store and purchase a new screwdriver every time they come across a new sized screw.

It always pays to be ready when it comes to building a toolbox for a home. Having these and other items on hand and ready to be used today can save a lot of trouble later on when they’re needed.


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