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Moving Soon? Check Out These Helpful Tips

Posted by Ron Neal on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 at 10:05am.

5 Essential Moving TipsAfter selling a home and buying a new home, it’s time to focus on moving. This is a big job that takes a lot of effort from everyone in the household in order to make sure everything is packed by the move date. In such hectic times, shortcuts and advice are always welcome, so here are some of the best tips homeowners should keep in mind while packing to move.

1. Start Packing Before the Home Is Sold

There’s no getting around it: packing is a huge job that requires a lot of time and effort. In order to prevent everything from happening during crunch time, homeowners should start preparing early. Before the old home is even on the market, the homeowner should be putting away extra things that won’t be needed in order to both cut down on clutter and to reduce the amount of work that is required later on.

2. Clearly Label All Boxes

When it comes time to unpack boxes, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing where anything is. This is why it’s important to label boxes while they’re being packed. Labels don’t have to be an exact record of all 14 books inside it arranged by the Dewey Decimal System. Just making note of the type of items in the box (books, toys, silverware, etc.) and the room where the box should be placed by the movers (kitchen, basement, master bedroom, etc.) can help speed up the unpacking process and make it easier for movers to place things in the home.

3. Pack One Room At a Time

Packing to move can easily seem overwhelming to most homeowners. In order to break the task up into more manageable pieces, try to focus on just one room at a time. Packing up an entire home doesn’t seem like quite as big a task when it’s split up into rooms, and it can help prevent homeowners from feeling overwhelmed. Good rooms to start on when using this strategy are ones that aren’t used very often such as guest bedrooms and closets.

4. Use Smaller Boxes

One pitfall that nearly every Central Saanich homeowner falls into while packing their possessions away is that they use boxes that are too big. It’s easy to think that the larger the box, the more efficient it is because large boxes can hold so many more items than small ones. However, the more things in a box, the heavier it becomes. Heavy boxes can be unwieldy, which can make them difficult to carry, especially for those who aren’t used to carrying bulky objects. Using smaller boxes means that even though more trips will be required to move everything, the boxes will be easier and safer to move in and out of the home.

5. Keep Valuables On Hand

People naturally want to think the best of their fellow human beings, and this is generally a good thing. However, when moving, homeowners should always take measures to protect their valuables from people who may have ill intentions. Valuables can be anything from  important documents like selling papers and social security cards to objects like family heirlooms and medications. Losing any of these items could be bad, so homeowners should pack and transport them separately from the mass of boxes being transported by the movers to ensure their safe arrival

Using these moving tips can help homeowners stay organized during moving time and get the job done before moving day. When preparing to move, don’t forget to consult a moving calendar to make sure everything stays on track.


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