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Benefits of Buying New Construction

Posted by Ron Neal on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 at 10:24am.

Big Benefits of Buying New ConstructionThere are a number of advantages of buying new which may the reason why almost 1 in 4 homes purchased every year are new construction. New homeowners in particular may appreciate the convenience of moving into a new construction home that is designed to meet their specific lifestyle requirements and aesthetic tastes from day one.

Explore the advantages of buying new construction today.

Go Green with New Home Construction

Homeowners may get paid to go green and improve their new home's energy-efficiency. Investigate the new home construction incentives that pay homeowners for achieving specified performance ratings, such as Save On Energy for homeowners in Ontario. There are a range of Canadian programs available that can pay homeowners to implement new construction measures to decrease their energy usage.

As the Canadian green building market continues to develop, potential homeowners may find it easier to work with experienced contractors and find materials and resources to make a home more environmentally-friendly, reducing their long-term energy costs. Client demand is one of the top reasons for an increase in Canadian green building activity. Those homeowners who own a green home now but want to get optimal value when it comes time to sell may have a singular advantage in the future if demand for green construction continues to grow.

Create Your Dream Home With New Construction

Why go through the process of modifying an older home in order to get the layout and look desired when new construction homes are available? It's not only an additional expense, but takes time and energy to make significant upgrades to an older home. It is so much easier to move into a home that is already set up the way one would prefer it to be. In most instances, homeowners of new homes do not immediately need extensive renovations.

There is one aspect of buying a new home that needs mentioning. When looking at model homes, know which features come standard and which upgrades will add to the cost of the home. Those who want fancy crown molding or other luxe touches may need to create a separate budget and be prepared to spend more. Avoid disappointment by knowing what comes standard and get the look and style desired with a new construction home.

Improved Performance and Meeting Current Construction Standards

New homeowners do not necessary have to go green to experience better performance from electrical and HVAC systems. Building codes have changed that often improve the efficiency and overall performance of systems in a home. This is a nice caveat to buying new and those who purchase older resale homes may need to make upgrades in order to meet today's stringent building codes. Asbestos can also be an issue in many older homes. Go new and enjoy better performance and high safety standards right out of the gate.

What about if something does go wrong with new construction? It is easier and less expensive to get it fixed as many aspects of new construction are covered under a warranty for a specific period of time. This can help new homeowners pay less money on any significant repairs needed soon after moving in and some choose to use after-sales service programs offered by professional Canadian homebuilders.

Want to Learn More About New Construction Homes?

Now may be the right time to buy as 80 per cent of Millennials want to purchase a home and in many areas throughout Canada, more new construction homes are being built to meet high housing demand. There may be additional costs to buying a new construction home, such as land transfer and mortgage insurance fees, but people continue to buy new construction. Contact a reputable local West Saanich real estate agent to learn what to expect when buying new construction in a specific community.


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