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Must-Have Smart Home Technology for Homeowners

Posted by Ron Neal on Thursday, May 31st, 2018 at 4:19pm.

Best Smart Home Products for Modern HomeownersSmart products can do a lot to change life around the house. By combining convenience with energy efficiency, smart products can help homeowners save money, increase comfort in the home and reduce work for the homeowner. There are a lot of smart products on the market, so homeowners who aren't sure which smart products are right for them will need to consider their priorities and do their research. These smart products are among the most useful and ingenious.

Smart Security Cam

A smart security camera helps keep the home records activities in and around the home while the homeowner is away. Smart security cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the model. Often smart security cameras are programed to tell the difference between suspicious and non-suspicious activity, so they only record what the homeowner will find of interest.

Frequently these cameras connect to the cloud, so homeowners can review the footage at a later time. Some models even enable homeowners to see people who come to the door, and allow homeowners to interact with people on the property. For homeowners who want to keep an eye on what goes on inside the house, smart security cameras can be hooked up by zone, can filter out activity from pets, and can even create a video montage of the activity in the house for any given day. For homeowners concerned with home security, smart security cameras offer many benefits.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats might be the smartest smart products on the market. All smart thermostats are different, but many of them are designed to learn a homeowner's preferred heating and cooling schedule and maintain that schedule without any extra programming. This helps ensure that the home is always the right temperature for the homeowner's preferences and can help save money, making smart thermostats a popular home improvement.

Some smart thermostats even know their homeowner's movements. By locking in on a signal from the homeowner's phone, the smart thermostat knows when the homeowner leaves and when the homeowner is at the house. Since many homeowners prefer to keep their house at a different temperature while they're gone, the smart thermostat follows this activity and adjusts the indoor temperature accordingly. When the Langford homeowner begins to return home, the smart thermostat adjusts the temperature to welcome the homeowner back.

Smart Lock

Smart locks, like other smart home products, can be controlled via an app on a smart phone, tablet or computer. Smart locks can be controlled remotely, so a homeowner could theoretically allow a person into their home, or could lock their home from anywhere in the world. Many smart locks are installed by removing the old lock and installing the smart lock, however, homeowners who want to keep their old lock can install a retrofit smart lock. This product enables an old deadbolt to be controlled via a smart lock app. Retrofit smart locks are only compatible with some types of locks, so homeowners must check which types of locks are compatible before deciding to buy this type of product.

Do The Right Research Research

For a homeowner who wants to install smart technology in their home, it's very important to do research. Reading product reviews can help homeowners decide which smart products are worth the extra cost and which smart products can actually solve problems around the house. Doing research about customer satisfaction and functionality can help homeowners throughout the purchase process.


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