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Looking for More Home Security? Check Out These Different Systems

Posted by Ron Neal on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 at 11:59am.

Different Security Systems For Your HomeEveryone wants to make sure their home is safe, but there’s a lot of different ways homeowners can go about improving their home’s security. Even homeowners who have just purchased a new construction home should also be interested in the security of the home. From getting new locks to changing the spare key’s hiding spot, homeowners can take simple measures, but that isn’t the extent of what they can do.

Homeowners can purchase a home security system to give them some peace of mind, but there are different types of systems that are each  suited to different types of homes. Here are the three main system types and how they operate.

Highest Security: Wireless Alarm Systems

For homeowners who want the most security for their home and want to be able to check in on it at any time, a wireless alarm system may be a good fit. Wireless alarm systems rely on smart technology, which means it’s going to have more expensive startup costs, but the homeowner will be able to access the devices through their smartphone or other smart device and look through cameras, get a status report, and so on. What’s also useful with wireless systems is that the sensors and cameras can be moved as needed. A homeowner can have a camera pointed at the front porch one night and at the back patio the next day with very little effort.

Lowest Security: Local Alarms

Not every home requires huge systems for security. Sometimes homeowners just want a little something extra for certain door or window, and this is where local alarms come in. Homeowners can buy as many sensors or alarms as they wish, whether it’s one or one hundred, and place them on windows and doors that they want extra protection on. If the alarm is tripped, it will make a loud noise to alert the homeowner, and from there the homeowner can act accordingly. Local alarms are typically battery operated, and they need to be set up independently of each other, so they can potentially be unwieldy if the homeowner wants a lot of them.

Medium Security: Wired Alarm Systems

In the middle of wireless systems and local alarms is what’s known as a wired alarm system. Wired systems are exactly what they sound like: a number of sensors or cameras all connected to a central control panel. Homeowners can turn it on and off and will be notified from the panel if something is detected. Wired alarm systems are typically not purchased and installed into homes by the homeowner due to the wires. They can be unsightly, and it can be difficult for homeowners to install them into walls where they would be if the system had been installed as the home was being built. This is why wired alarm systems are more common additions to new construction homes than they are already existing homes.

Specialized Security: Professional Surveillance 

Another option for homeowners who want everything taken care of for them is to hire a professional surveillance service. These businesses will provide all of their own gear and have an actual humans monitor the home. If anything happens, the homeowner will be notified immediately and the authorities can be called if necessary. While professional surveillance is nice, it’s easily the most expensive of all these options.

Every new Malahat North home is different, and not every one will need the same amount of security. For some homeowners, just one local alarm may be all they want, but for others, they might want to go all the way and go for professional surveillance. Go with what is comfortable and don’t feel pressured into getting more or less than that.


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