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4 Insulation Types You Should Know About

Posted by Ron Neal on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 11:20am.

4 Types of Insulation To Use in Your HomeInsulation is extremely important when it comes to keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It acts as a barrier between the home’s interior and the weather outside, and it can be made from many different materials. Some work better than others, and some are more environmentally friendly, so there’s a lot that homeowners need to take into account when choosing the type that they’re going to buy. Good insulation is also a great selling point when people sell their homes. Here are some of the different types of insulation and what makes them unique.

1. Fiberglass Insulation

Most people are familiar with fluffy pink insulation made of fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation is extremely common, affordable, and it’s difficult to find a contractor who doesn’t know how to install it, so fiberglass is the go-to for many people. It comes in both batts and blankets so it can be cut down to custom sizes in order to fit better in an attic or wall. If homeowners don’t want to hire a contractor to install it, this type of insulation is easy enough to install that it can be done as a weekend DIY project.

2. Spray Foam Insulation

Some people like spray foam insulation because it has a low risk of gaps that may be present in other types like batts or loose fill insulation. Spray foam starts out as a liquid that instantly expands once it touches air and fills any space it lands. This makes it highly effective, but also a lot of work to install. Once the spray foam has been installed, the excess is cut away so it can fit evenly wherever it was sprayed. Spray foam insulation can’t be done as a DIY project, so homeowners will have to include the cost of hiring a contractor when planning to purchase this insulation.

3. Wool Insulation

Many homeowners these days are trying to be more environmentally conscious and want to choose things for their home that are made from renewable resources like wool or that can be recycled, and this makes wool insulation an appealing choice. Wool comes from sheep, alpacas, and many other animals, so there’s no shortage of it, and despite being a natural material, wool is actually fire-resistant. However, one of wool’s biggest downsides is that it isn’t very widely available, so homeowners may have to go out of their way to get it if they’re determined to use wool. If there’s a leak near it, wool can also have trouble with holding in moisture, which can lead to mold growth.

4. Cotton Insulation

Another type of insulation that’s eco-friendly is cotton insulation, also known as “blue jeans” or “denim” insulation. Like wool, it isn’t incredibly common, so it might take some hunting to find, but it’s also fire-resistant like it. Cotton insulation is also made from 85% recycled materials, so homeowners can rest assured that they’re choosing an option that is good for the environment and helping to prevent all of that material from ending up in a landfill. Homeowners interested in cotton insulation should know that it is going to be a more expensive option than fiberglass, but like fiberglass, it can also be bought in batts and blankets that can be installed easily without help from a contractor.

There are many more types of insulation on the market that can be used in Westshore homes, and these are just some of them. For more information about insulation types and how effective they are, be sure to consult an expert who can help choose one that is right for any home.


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