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How to Buy a Home: Tips for Getting Started

Posted by Ron Neal on Thursday, June 21st, 2018 at 7:22am.

Buying a Home: How to Get StartedBuying a home demands a lot of a person's attention and care, and may take several weeks or many months. Buying real estate is often the most significant way a majority of people define their personal wealth. With these basics, home buyers can prepare for all the steps they need to complete.

Inspect Finances and Research Mortgages

For many people, getting a mortgage is one of the biggest loans they will ever have. This often means that those who want to buy a home need to have their finances in top condition. Months before they plan to buy a home, people should take a thorough and honest look at their credit, income, and debts. They can start thinking about the kinds of mortgages available, and which loans would be most appropriate for their needs. Applying for mortgage pre-approval can make the home buying process easier and often faster.

Make a List of Home Needs

Beginning the mortgage process helps interested buyers to better determine the type of home they will be able to buy. Next, they can start to imagine the kinds of properties and living spaces that would be most likely to serve their expectations well. People who are buying a home together should give themselves the time to research their options and try to come to a consensus about the best home for them. Entering the home search with a detailed list of wants and needs will help to cut down on the time spent looking.

Get Professional Advice

Obtaining a mortgage and buying a home is a huge decision for any buyer, even people who have done it several times before. Sometimes, people can get caught up in the romance of the endeavour and end up making an unwise choice. This is why so many buyers choose to hire a real estate agent to help represent their interests. Advice from a real estate agent, and other professionals related to the buying process, helps to protect the buyer's interest once they make an offer on a home.

Find a Home and Make an Offer

Once people are officially ready to buy a home, they can start to narrow down their search to a few choices. Some buyers like to view several homes within a few days and make a quick decision. In areas where the market is not very hot, buyers might have the ability to see a home in Esquimalt and take a few days or weeks to decide on an offer. In either case, people have to make a formal purchase offer to the seller. As the seller receives the offer, they can choose to accept it, make a counter-offer, or decline the offer entirely.

Complete Buying Obligations and Close

If the seller accepts the purchase offer, the buyer is on a set timeline to go through the process toward closing. This often includes a home inspection, appraisal, and final approval for a mortgage loan. The process from offer to closing may take less than a month or several weeks, depending on the terms of the contract. If everything goes according to the buyer's expectations, they will be able to close on the home and set a plan to move in.

Home buying requires a fair bit of work, but the investment may be well worth it. By gaining a better understanding of the process, prospective buyers will be prepared to go through it.


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