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Downsizing to Buy A Smaller Home? Tips to Get Started

Posted by Ron Neal on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 9:15am.

Buying a Smaller Home? How to DownsizeBuying a smaller home often means fewer expenses, less cleaning to do, less maintenance and lower property taxes. It's win in many ways. Still, moving from a bigger home to a smaller home does have a down side. Specifically, downsizing is time consuming and difficult. Many people must take months or even years to down size their home. These tips can help home buyers to downsize so they can fit into a smaller property before it becomes time to sell their home and move.

Let Go of Unused Stuff

The first thing a home buyer must do in order to down size is to go through all of their things and decide which belongings they no longer need. Many people will set a time limit. For example, the home buyer may say that anything that has not been used in more than two years can be eliminated. This makes it easier to decide what goes and what stays.

Make Lifestyle Adjustments

Living in a smaller house often requires lifestyle adjustments to be made. Sometimes this means selling books and switching to electronic texts. This could also mean cooking less elaborate meals, buying fewer clothes, exercising at a gym instead of at home and having fewer house guests. Doing this enables homeowners to get rid of many of the big things they own that take up too much space.

Sell, Recycle and Give Gifts

Once the homeowner has identified those things that they need to get rid of, they must sell, recycle and give away those things they no longer need. Selling things online or in a garage sale can be time consuming, so this needs to be done months in advance of moving.

Things that have little value but which are useful can usually be given to charities and non-profit organizations that have the need. Items like bedding, clothes, cookware and even cleaning products are often welcome at organizations that rely on donations in order to function. Recycling is usually the last resort after selling and giving things away. Only certain things can be recycled, so buyers must check with their local recycling centre.

Buy Furniture That Serves Dual Purposes

Furniture takes up a lot of space in many people's homes. Buying furniture that serves a dual purpose can help save space. For example, homeowners might buy a foot stool that also has storage space, or a bench that opens up and holds blankets.

If you're an Oak Bay home buyer who will soon be downsizing into a smaller home, get started as soon as possible. Down sizing takes time in order to be done properly.


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