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Got Pests? A Guide to Pest Remediation In and Around the Home

Posted by Ron Neal on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 at 9:33am.

A Simple Guide to Pest Remediation in the HomeWith so much beautiful wildlife in Canada, it's only ‘natural' that some of those creatures will be more pesky than others. In particular, we're talking about eradicating pests from the home—a process that can be fairly challenging depending on the type and amount of critters to be dealt with. It's no secret that common pests here are cockroaches, fleas, rodents, mites and bedbugs that can cause illness and skin irritation. For the safety of occupants, home pest remediation is a must, so here's a quick guide for conventional and natural eradication methods.

Conventional Pest Remediation for Homes

Conventional pest control methods have been around for decades, and these are often administered via sprays, bombs, traps, powders and other applications by either a professional exterminator or homeowners themselves. While either method can prove to be effective for getting pests out of the home, most conventional applications do have warnings for potential side effects such as eye, lung and skin irritation. This is a top reason why most homeowners leave this type of job to the pros. When doing your due diligence, look for a natural pesticide or if you are having an outside company come in to do the work, make sure they are using natural pesticides. 

Pest control experts generally have a better grasp on how to deal with specific home pests than the average homeowner does. Furthermore, they have the right tools to get the job done timely and safely. Depending on what is infesting the new Victoria BC home, pest pros often develop a plan for a traditional ‘one visit' eradication using potent chemicals or for a more gradual approach of integrated pest management (IPM).

Integrated Pest Management Approaches

This method allows homeowners to maintain a pest-free home through an integrated approach of immediate resolutions and seasonal treatment and inspection periods. This is especially important when selling a home. An example of this would be for termites, where pest professionals can set up traps around the foundation of the home that will let them know that treatments are necessary.

Many companies that offer IPM programs are often the best ones to choose for more Eco-friendly products that are less toxic than traditional methods. Good examples of these treatments would employ the use of granules, pastes or gels that are safer for pets and humans to minimize harmful side effects.

Natural Pest Control Alternatives

While integrated pest management is good start to a more natural remediation process, there are companies that offer to use only the most natural options available. Many of these formulas relay on essential herbs, ammonia, borax, diatomaceous earth and spicy-noted sprays to eradicate household pests that are common to the region.

While effective in many cases, there may be stubborn infestations that ultimately call for products will more toxicity. In such situations, a pest control professional can help homeowners make the right choice for their family, as household with pregnant persons, young children or senior citizens will call for specialized attention. In certain situations, it may be advised to temporarily relocate pets and people during the process.

Need Home Remediation?

Because of the potential hazards involved in both the presence of pests and the processes of getting rid of them, it's a good idea to let an experience pest control expert assess the situation you're facing. Be sure to find an exterminator with a good reputation locally and who boasts accreditation with the Better Business Bureau for superior results.


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