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6 Ways To Boost Curb Appeal For Selling

Posted by Ron Neal on Thursday, June 7th, 2018 at 9:00am.

6 Must-See Ways to Improve Curb AppealEveryone wants a home that looks welcoming, especially when they’re trying to sell that home. A welcoming home draws buyers in and makes them want to spend time there, which can result in offers and even a sale. The best way to make a home appealing is to focus on its cub appeal, as the home’s exterior will be the first thing buyers see of it. There are many ways to boost curb appeal, and here are six of them.

1. Keep the Gardens Tidy

Gardens are highly visible and naturally draw the buyer’s eye, so it’s important for any gardens to look their best with the best possible landscaping. This includes removing weeds and dead plants, putting down fresh mulch, clipping overgrown bushes, and so on. Planting bushes and flowers can also be a good way for homeowners to fill out their garden and bring life to it, and adding stepping stones can be a good strategy for filling space without creating too much work. 

2. Take Care of the Lawn

Mowing the lawn should already be part of the homeowner’s normal chores, or they should have a professional service take care of it regularly. If the home’s lawn looks overgrown or has dead patches, it can look like the homeowners are negligent or that something may be wrong with the soil. Keeping the lawn well taken care of can be a good way to display to buyers that the home is cared for both inside and out.

3. Remove Personal Decorations

When buyers come in for a closer look, there shouldn’t be anything to distract them. Decorations such as wind chimes, garden gnomes, pink flamingos, and so on may be seen as distracting, so homeowners should consider putting away these types of things until the home is sold. After all, no one wants buyers to miss that their home has brand new windows because they’re too busy focusing on a collection of lawn ornaments.

4. Replace the Mailbox

Mailboxes have a rough life, standing outside and enduring every type of weather imaginable. They can take a beating and start looking worse for wear, and if this is the case with the mailbox in question, it may be time to get a new one. A new, undamaged mailbox can be an extra detail that shows the homeowners really go the extra mile for their home. Mailboxes come in plenty of different varieties to match any budget, so a new one won’t require a large investment unless the Oak Bay homeowner chooses to spend extra money on it. 

5. Paint the Siding

Chipped and peeling paint never looks appealing, so any homeowners whose home’s siding is showing its age should spend some time repainting it. Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to make a home look fresh and tidy, and on such a large surface area like siding, it’s necessary. The difference between old and new paint on siding can be astonishing, and getting it done can be a good way to draw buyers in to get a closer look at the home.

6. Paint the Front Door

It’s more than likely that all buyers are going to enter the home through the front door, so homeowners should spend extra time around their doorway making sure everything looks neat and inviting. A good way to improve the look of an entryway is simply by painting the front door. Like painting a home’s siding, painting the front door covers up old stains and makes it look new, and this can be a good way to get a buyer’s attention.

These six projects can be good ways to boost a home’s curb appeal, but not every home will need all of these. Be sure to assess the home and focus on the areas that it needs the most work.


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